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A Journal of my travels in Tanzania - Here

Lots of photos from my travels in Tanzania - Here

Stuff I do...

Work for HIRU and the Health Informatics Research Laboratories at Swansea University

Admin (& Ex President) of SUCS

Hanger-on (& Ex Chairman) of Swansea University Hiking Club - Photos from walks and such

Map my world with OpenStreetMap

I work on a Welsh Map of the UK (in Welsh) based on the OpenStreetMap data (Note, I don't speak Welsh, I just live in Wales)

Uni Stuff

Uni related photos - Here

Other stuff...

(not so) Recent Debian Packages for ices-kh, streamtranscoderv3 and darkice(with mp3 support) built for Sarge any non-free libs are from Christian Marillat's Debian Repo

How to contact me... look here if you have a password or just look in milliways

I'm getting married